Tucson teenager heading to State of the Union

It's time once again for the annual State of the Union address. Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his sixth State of the Union speech.

Get ready to hear about lots of ideas that could impact you and your family.  President Obama wants to:

  • raise capital gains taxes on the wealthiest Americans to help out struggling middle class families
  • make community college free for certain students who qualify
  • propose new cyber-security measures to protect all of us as consumers from hacking attacks and credit card breaches

While we watch the address on TV, a local teen will be watching it all in person. He's an honors student at Alta Vista High School. And tonight, he's an invited guest of Congresswoman Martha McSally. So, he'll get to watch the address from the gallery of the House of Representatives.

We spoke to the lucky teen over the phone. Tune in to our newscasts tonight to hear from him about this rare opportunity.

KOLD and FOX 11 News will broadcast the president's State of the Union address at 7:00 p.m.

If you can't get to a TV to watch it, you can also catch it streaming live at www.TucsonNewsNow.com.

By the way, Dan Marries is still at home, enjoying fatherhood with his newborn son. (Check out the cute baby photo here!)  So, Craig Thomas will be filling in and joining us at 5:00 p.m.

See you in a bit for KOLD News!

~ Teresa