Keeping us all safe

What does it take to fight terrorism? Like most things, it takes money. Lots of it.

Now, a small police department in southern Arizona is getting big money from the federal government for that purpose. The Nogales police department will receive nearly one million dollars to spend in the fight against terrorism.

And it's not just the Nogales department that will receive this help. Our Barbara Grijalva is following the money trail to show us who else is receiving help with anti-terrorism funding. And she'll show us how our police are using the dollars to keep us safe.

Speaking of staying safe, are you sure you're doing everything you can to keep your online accounts safe? If your password is "123456" or "qwerty" or "football," it's too predictable! Those are among the top ten most commonly used passwords on the Internet, and because they're so common and easy to crack, you could be opening yourself up to hackers. You'll want to change your password now. Like, really, right now.

By the way, remember when the University of Arizona Medical Center used to be called just "University Medical Center"?  Well, now that you've had a few years to get used to calling the hospital by its new name, get ready for another name change. Find out what that new name will be.

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~ Teresa