Mini Time Machine Minatures reveals new historical figure

Mini Time Machine Minatures reveals new historical figure

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Mini Time Machine of Minatures debuts new figure for exhibit.

A new historical figure created by artist George Stuart will debut with the exhibit Diamonds Are Forever: The Incredible Journeys of World-Famous Diamonds & the People Who Owned Them

The new figure to join the exhibit is Evalyn Walsh McLean, American mining heiress and socialite in the early 20th century and the last private owner of the Hope Diamond. The addition of McLean brings the number of Historical Figures in the exhibit to 19 and completes the stories of 10 world-famous diamonds, tracing their circuitous journeys from the mines of present-day India to the hands of the rich and famous across the United States and Europe.

Mrs. McLean purchased the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond from Cartier in Paris in 1911. Her purchase may have been influenced by intrigue over the alleged curse the stone carried. McLean's flamboyant ownership of the stone (it is rumored she let her pet poodle wear it at parties), continued until her death in 1947. Harry Winston Inc. acquired the stone when they purchased McLean's entire jewelry collection, and eventually donated it to the Smithsonian Institution. The stone's previous history, dating back to the 1600s, is told through other Historical Figures in the exhibit- including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

The exhibition is the result of a unique collaboration between artists George Stuart of Ojai, California, and Scott Sucher of Tijeras, New Mexico.

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