Is your love real: How to avoid being scammed this Valentine's Day

Is your love real: How to avoid being scammed this Valentine's Day

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Dating websites can be especially popular around Valentine's Day. But the Better Business Bureau warns not everyone is online to find love. Some people are using websites to scam people.

According to the BBB, dating sites offer convenience and anonymity, the perfect combination for scammers. But there are four warning signs people can look out for in order to prevent being "catfished."

First, if the people asks to talk or chat using an outside email or messaging service. This allows the person to perform the scam without the dating website getting involved.

Look out for people who say they are traveling, living or working abroad. The BBB warns, scammers are likely to come up with an excuse as to why they can not meet in person. They suggest to be weary of anyone who is called away over suddenly.

If it is true love, the person on the other side of the computer screen or phone should not ask for money. Anyone who asks for credit card information or say they need money for an emergency may be a scammer. While the amount of money needed  may start off small, it can keep growing, with no promises for reimbursement.

People should also be mindful of third-party website links. They could contain viruses which could steal personal information off computers. The link may look credible but it could lead to identity theft.   

The BBB reminds people that scammers play on emotion and romance is certainly a strong emotion. Any time people are vulnerable, scammers find opportunity.

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