More Broadway widening details could emerge this week

There could be more coming to the Broadway widening plan than what is in front of the public right now.

Narrower sidewalks and landscaping could scale back to impact of the multimillion dollar project. Some residents and businesses along the corridor say it would be helpful to have that now.

Just a week ago the latest six-lane plan for Broadway went public. The plan cuts into 37 historic properties instead of 40 from the plan last year. And the impact is greatly reduced from way about 69 historic properties that would have been claimed by an original eight lane project that drew fire from many residents and businesses.

Early next week, a concept of narrower sidewalks and landscaping will also go public. Reducing sidewalk and landscaping width could cut the impact even more. Members of the citizens task force would like to have that out for the public, which could happen by Wednesday.

"I certainly think that it would've been very helpful if we could have gotten all of it at once, yes, because I don't I don't think when you release an alignment like they did, people weren't aware that that was an option," said Mary Durham-Pflibsen, a member of the task force who represents the Northeast Neighborhoods.

"I don't think they're dragging their feet or anything. The business owners and the property owners and the neighborhoods want to know as soon as possible what the alignment is going to be and unfortunately we are actually on schedule for what the project is requiring," said Rocco diGrazia, owner of Rocco's Little Chicago and a business representative on the task force.

The task force says it will still take comment after the comment period closes next Friday. They want to make sure they get as much public comment as possible.

The project managers hope to have a final plan for Tucson City Council approval in May, with construction to start next year.