Greenlee County: Target-rich environment

Greenlee County: Target-rich environment

This article first appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Greenlee Clarion newsletter.

By Ákos Kovach
Greenlee County

Usually the first question a developer asks us is: "If you need housing so bad why isn't the mine building the homes?"

A great question, which has often been answered by mine officials this way: "We are in the mining business".

So we continue our search for quality developers, home builders with great skills and a good reputation plus a hotelier with a taste for the unique as well as truck stop group ready to capture an untapped market. But there is so much more to and about Greenlee County, home to large forests, year-round running rivers, great fishing, kayaking, canoeing, cross country skiing, hill climbs, biking, hiking and a wealth of talented people eager to showcase our rich culture, art community and entertainment options.

In just a few short weeks, think of us as the headquarters for lions and tigers, camels and Clydesdales, unicycles and high-wire acrobats, clowns and tents. Yes, the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus will be in Morenci all day April 16th.

Find out more at the Circus' Facebook page.