Western History Cultural Center

Western History Cultural Center

This article first appeared in the March 2015 edition of the Greenlee Clarion newsletter.

First he spoke about early settlement history, the influence of the military, how entertainment has been a mainstay, the impact of ranching and farming, mining and the history of explosives, and finally the evolution of transportation in this region.

Before he was finished, the Greenlee County Tourism Council was convinced. This was an idea whose time had come and the Greenlee Tourism Council will be sending a letter of support to the Western History Cultural Center (WHCC), which is based in Benson.

The vision and passion of the WHCC organization is both contagious and important to our region.

In the coming weeks, the speaker and representative, Andrew Abernathy, will be scheduling informational/motivational workshops in Greenlee County to boost support and provide more detailed information to those who have similar interests.

By telling the stories of settlement, development and modern life in our region in a way the traveling public will understand in context of time, place and world events is an achievable goal.

Those most interested should contact Abernathy at 520-477-6210 or email Andrew (andrew@westernheritageculturalcenter.org).