Knowledge Bowl 'like Jeopardy on steroids'

Knowledge Bowl 'like Jeopardy on steroids'

This article first appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Greenlee Clarion newsletter.

By Ákos Kovach
Greenlee County

Knowledge Bowl "is like Jeopardy on steroids" according to Locate From the Morenci Wildcats website we learned: 'Knowledge Bowl involves teams of four to six students who attempt to answer a series of questions first in a written round followed by two oral rounds. No team is eliminated in this event, and every team participates in every round. Knowledge Bowl is usually a power competition in which teams are ranked after each round on the basis of their total points accumulated.'

'The written round is a 60 question multiple-choice exam taken by each team as a whole. Results of this round are used for seeding teams in the oral rounds. Oral rounds involve two rounds of 30 questions. A reader presents the questions, and a team members write their answers and the team's judge will determine if they have the correct answer. The winner is the team with the greatest number of points at the end of the meet.'

As a judge at one stop of this ongoing event, I found the Morenci facility to be ideal, the personnel helpful and friendly with the overall environment one of 'education at its best'. There was challenge, there were demands, but there was also a healthy dose of fun, food and camaraderie. There were 22 teams representing 11 schools such as Duncan, Morenci, Bisbee, Elfrida, Thatcher, Pima, and Safford. Support your local team, the next Knowledge Bowl event is coming up April 1st in Thatcher.