Traffic calming on SR 191

Traffic calming on SR 191

This article first appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Greenlee Clarion newsletter.

What on earth is "traffic calming?"

It is a technique that the Arizona Department of Transportation will be implementing along SR 191 in the Clifton area to better accommodate pedestrians and to better manage vehiculars speed.

ADOT Safford District Engineer Bill Harmon recently made a presentation on the subject and each issue, the Clarion will be pulling slides from his presentation and discussing the matter.

This month's slides discuss the issues that face the Clifton area, such as mine shift changes and the many oversize loads that are on the roads around here.

The road itself also causes some of the issues, such as compromised views and narrow shoulders.

The second slide gives graphic illustrations of some of the issues that are mentioned in the first.

In subsequent issues of the Clarion, we will continue Harmon's presentation so readers will understand what will be done to make SR 191 and the Greenlee County community safer.