The eighth wonder

The eighth wonder

This article first appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Greenlee Clarion newsletter.

By Berta Manuz
Greenlee County

Have you ever heard of the 7 wonders of the world? Well I happen to have found the 8th wonder – the staff in the Greenlee County Recorders Office. They are like jewels and without them this office function would not function in the superior manner it serves you today.

Praise of this team is worth sharing, these professional ladies give new meaning to working with a small sized staff. As work, requests and new projects come in the door, our goal is to complete every pending item in our office each day. This is a tall task, but this staff is simply hard working and very dedicated.

Why wait until tomorrow to do something that comes in to our office today? We do not work that way.

Please know that my staff and I love serving the public. When we share that message we always get positive feedback from the community that 'we are all so friendly and courteous to the public'. Whether we see you at our office or you are on the telephone, we want to provide you with excellent customer service. As the saying goes 'treat people like you want to be treated' and that is the motto of this office.

You should know that Cheryl Wiltbank – is our highly regarded Chief Deputy and has been since July 2002 and Suzanne Cuthbertson – has been an exemplary Administrative Assistant since 2004.

The Recorder's office would like to let you know what we have to offer if you have not been in to our office in a while:

We have a website on the Greenlee County official webpage and you can actually see recorded images dating back from 1975 to the present. We continue to back scan images and index our recordings. It is time consuming but so well worth going into seeing the recording and being able to see who the grantee and grantors are that provided the information on the deed or map, etc.

Our office does about 95% of our voter registration through MVD People who go to the Motor Vehicle Division can register to vote at their office. If you wish you can also pick up voter registration forms at your nearest Bank, Post Office, Public Libraries or call us and have a form mailed to you. You can also go online and register through Service Arizona - . We aim to accommodate everyone.