4 teams to present Jan. 8th memorial design

4 teams to present Jan. 8th memorial design

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Arizona History Museum will play host to the presentations for the four finalists in the January 8th Memorial.

For the last months items left behind at makeshift January 8th memorials have been on display and this evening, at 6:30 the four finalists in the design for the permanent memorial will make their presentations.  These will be preliminary visions for the permanent commemorative memorial and master plan for El Presidio Park in downtown Tucson.

Each of the four teams will have 20 minutes during the public meeting to explain their ideas and show renderings of the memorial.  This is the third phase of the design competition. The selection team will get an extended presentation from the four teams and once this is complete within 60 days a design team will be selected and the group will finalize the memorial design.

For those who cannot make it to the presentation, on Monday, April 6, the team's plans will be available for the January 8th Memorial Foundation website. There will also be an area available for public comment on the designs.

Each team will also have three boards at the University of Arizona downtown college display window on Stone.

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