Tucson opens its streets for Cyclovia

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - “I really like cycling and I'm with all my friends and enjoying the local shops and it's just a wonderful day so just a good excuse to be outside,” said John Edwards, a local cyclist.

Thousands of people came out to Cyclovia in Downtown Tucson Sunday but the event was not just for bike riders. People were dancing, eating at food trucks and there were even activities for kids.

“It is a great family fun event getting kids involved and moving their bodies and exercising we love it,” said Jessica Belter, who was out with two kids Sunday.

With Earth Day right around the corner, this was a chance for cyclists to go green.

“I think it is good to get people out to see what it would be like with a couple more bikes on the road as opposed to cars,” said Sean Takesian, who is no stranger to a bike.

“We found a bunch of new bike shops and new businesses around here especially cycling friendly businesses a lot of place that will give you a dollar off if you ride in,” said Joanna Takesian.

The goal was to not only make people aware of financial advantages to riding your bike but also lifestyle changes.

“I commute to work at least a couple of times of week usually,” said Sean Takesian.

“Being active and not sitting in front of the TV playing video games is such a positive thing and I think that translates for the rest of their life,” said Belter.

If you missed this Cyclovia, don't worry. There will be another event November 1


. The route has not been decided yet. For more information you can visit their website