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Cherrybell now on TBD status

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  The status the Cherrybell Post Office is now on a TBD, "to be determined" status.

The processing operation was scheduled to be closed two years ago but a tremendous amount of pressure from local elect officials has likely been a factor keeping it open.The front desk, the post offices emphasizes, is still open for business and will not be affected.

All services which affect the consumer, stamps, mailing packages, certified mail and such will remain open. 

But some businesses will be affected. 

Although it's still difficult to determine which operations have been closed or been downsized, the focus of lawmakers is to keep it open and restore Tucson's postmark.

It's difficult to know because, it's been charged, there isn't much openness.

"They have not been consistent or transparent," says Congresswoman Martha McSally who round tabled a meeting of about two dozen elected and business leaders. "The postal service has reversed itself in some cases."

Whether Cherrybell's reclassification to be determined in a reversal or not is yet to be seen.

The entire processing operation was scheduled for a July 11, 2015 closing but it appears that's dead for this time being.

That came as a surprise to a lot of people including McSally.

"The idea is to delay the process until it's finally stopped," she told the group.

McSally is looking for specifics which she can take to the US Postal System to convince the department that it's a mistake to close processing here.

Mail from Tucson is now taken to Phoenix where it's processed before being brought back to Tucson for delivery.

While it's not expected to affect general postal service customers, it's likely to be felt in the business community.

When a non-profit mails a piece in Tucson to Tucson recipients, it gets a four cent discount. The cost is ten cents.

But if the mail is processed in Phoenix, those non profits lose that discount.

Four cents doesn't sound like much but if a non-profit sends out tens of thousands of mailers annually, the costs add up.

That's a 40 percent increase in mail rates and since most non-profits operate around the edges, it can be expensive.

For printing and mailing companies, it remains to be see just what the impact will be.

But it could be a loss of business.

"The problem as I see it from the printing and mailing industry" says Rick Hecox, owner of Arizona Jet Mail. "It will be cheaper to send the PDF files to Phoenix and have Phoenix print them and mail them."

Tucson is cut out of the loop Hecox says. 

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