Isa's mother on family member: 'I'd like him to come and answer those questions'

Isa's mother on family member: 'I'd like him to come and answer those questions'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Three years to the day after six-year-old Isabel Celis was reported missing, her mother is asking the public to shift their support of Isa to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - at least for the next month or so.

"Between now and May 25th, which is National Missing Children's Day, we would just rather all those funds go there," Becky Celis said from her midtown home on April 21.

That's because the National Centers for Missing and Exploited Children do so much for families in this position.

"They're the ones who help us with posters and fliers," Becky said, "throughout the country and so many places we could never get to."

That doesn't mean the Celises are giving up hope of finding Isa. They just want other families to benefit from donations in honor of Isabel.

Since Isa was abducted from her family's home near Broadway and Craycroft, Tucson police have received more than 2,200 tips.

They've interviewed hundreds of witnesses and conducted lengthy investigations across Arizona, into Mexico and at least five other states.

Still, none of that has yielded any credible information leading the whereabouts of the missing girl, whose 10th birthday is this August.

That's why Isa's mother is reaching out to an extended family member who abruptly left Tucson days after Isa's disappearance in 2012.

"All my brothers, my friends, all my family, they've been questioned to the utmost degree about things involving this case. He's the only one who hasn't," Becky said of the man who once lived in her home and still had a key when Isa went missing. "I'm asking him to come and answer those questions."

Through a private investigator, we've learned that person rented a vehicle and surfaced in another state, possibly Florida.

In addition, the extended family member hasn't cooperated with the investigation and has reportedly hired counsel for his own protection.

"I'm just asking for him to come and answer the questions and either open the door to maybe something that may lead us to Isa or close the door for any other suspicion there may be," Becky Celis says, shaking her head. "It could go either way. I'm not saying there's anything there, but what if there is and we're not getting those answers?"

Tucson police officials would not comment on the extended family member, nor would they reveal who they've interviewed in this ongoing investigation.

Still, Lt. Matt Ronstadt, commander of TPD's Family and Sex Crimes section said, "I firmly believe there's somebody out there who knows something and they probably don't even realize the significance of that key piece of information they have."

"And if that person would just come forward and provide that to us ... that may be that final little piece, that link that connects all of the dominos together," Ronstadt said.

Two TPD detectives, on the Celis case from the very beginning, continue to review details and tips into TPD, 88-CRIME and agencies across the country.

A reward of up to $60,000 is offered to the person whose tip leads to the recovery of the missing little girl.

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