Seismic activity could be caused by the ocean

Seismic activity could be caused by the ocean

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Earth is always vibrating, regardless if you feel it or not. This vibration is caused by something happening on the surface, not inside the Earth like a typical earthquake.

The low frequency vibration that is happening all around the planet, every second of the day, is not an earthquake. This vibration is caused by the ocean, more specifically the waves and currents of Earth's bodies of water.

Think of this as more like a humming or ringing. It is a lot like a bell that hums after someone struck it hard. This low frequency is caused by the ocean's waves constantly slamming the surface causing vibrations. These vibrations then moves through the Earth causing a hum inside of it.

Scientists are also classifying this a micro-seismic event, just a constant one that we cannot feel. The waves hitting the surface and deep ocean currents colliding are what is reasonable for this mini seismic event. No worries, no earthquakes will be caused by the Earth's oceans.

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