We would kill brain cells as we travel to Mars

We would kill brain cells as we travel to Mars
Credit: Quartz

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A study published by Science Advances reveals that humans would not keep their smarts if they traveled to Mars.

We know the minute we leave the Earth's Atmosphere we are asking for problems as the protective layer of the atmosphere no longer keeps us safe. But we now think that we could get dumber as we travel further into space.

Even though space is empty, it is filled with charged particles traveling at the speed of light. These particles cannot enter the Earth's atmosphere but in space they roam free. The particles help expose radiation, which leads to the possibility of making us dumber.

This theory was tested on mice and the mice that were exposed to cosmic gamma rays, acted differently then mice that were not. The study found that the mice exposed to the rays could not preform the cognitive test that the normal mice completed successfully.

So even though people want to travel to Mars, they may not remember the reason for being there once landed on the Red Planet.

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