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Distracted driving laws don't stop distracted driving

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

There's no question distracted driving is a safety issue. It's the leading cause of fatal and serious crashes for teenagers, and also causes many accidents for adults.

We might think that new laws might be a good way to help stop distracted driving, laws that ban texting while driving or ban people talking on the phone unless they use hands-free devices.

But in fact, so far research shows laws don't help the problem.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied the number of crashes in four states that had distracted driving laws, comparing the periods before and after the laws went into effect.

The study is five years old, but concluded "such bans are associated with a slight increase in the frequency of insurance claims filed under collision coverage for damage to vehicles in crashes."

Bills that would ban texting while driving have been defeated in the legislature in Arizona during the past few years.

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