Modern streetcar numbers questioned

On Thursday, Tucson celebrated its one millionth passenger to ride the modern streetcar.

Amid fanfare, a U of A sophomore, Anna Bjornsen was given a free one year pass and a few other goodies.

The city toured the success of the streetcar in its first 10 months saying ridership was higher than expected.

But there's no way to verify those numbers.

The card readers on some of the cars have not functioned properly and some of the kiosks which dispense the passes have malfunctioned.

Sometimes they issue a pass, sometimes they issue several passes.

Some people ride for free, getting on one stop and riding to the next without paying.

The city says it's still in the educational phase and will help anyone who does not have a pass, get one.

No citations have been issued for anyone without a pass.

The city, we are told, is in talks with the vendor to determine how much the city may have lost because of the malfunctions and whether it should be reimbursed.

The city hoped to bring in $1.2 million in fares in its first year but so far is short of that.

The city says vendor issues have been solved and even though no citations have been issued up to this point, they will be issued soon to repeat violators.