Monsoon quiz results - How did you do?

Monsoon quiz results - How did you do?

We asked you 10 questions in our "Test Your Monsoon Knowledge" quiz on Thursday.  The questions weren't easy, and here is how the 1,600 of you that took the quiz did...

1.) When is the monsoon in Arizona?
    Answer: June 15th - September 30th
    Correct: 57%

2.) On average, how much rain does Tucson receive during the monsoon?
    Answer: 6.08"
    Correct: 44%

3.) The word “monsoon” is derived from the Arabic term, “mausim”, meaning what?
    Answer: Season
    Correct: 22%

4.) What speed can straight-line wind gusts from an Arizona thunderstorm get up to?
    Answer: Over 100mph
    Correct: 21%

5.) What is the minimum depth of moving water that can make the average person fall?
    Answer: 6 inches
    Correct: 41%

6.) What is the monsoon?
    Answer: A seasonal shift in wind direction due to the temperature difference between land and sea
    Correct: 43%

7.) Prior to 2008, what method was used to signal the start of the monsoon in Tucson?
    Answer: When the dew point temperature is at least 54° for 3 consecutive days
    Correct: 53%

8.) How much water does it take to float most vehicles?
    Answer: 1 to 2 feet
    Correct: 32%

9.) What should you do when caught in a dust storm?
    Answer: Pull off of the road, put the car in park, turn off your lights and take your foot off the brake
    Correct: 74%

10.) How far can lightning strike from the nearest rain?
    Answer: 60 miles
    Correct: 16%  (Tricky question, so don't sweat this one. Although 60 miles may be possible for cloud-to-cloud lightning, it's more likely to be about 10-15 miles from the nearest rain)

Overall average score: 40%

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