One glacier is doing something different than most

One glacier is doing something different than most

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Most glaciers in the world have been shrinking due to increasing global temperatures. But one glacier in Alaska is actually doing the opposite. It has grown over the last 40 years,

NASA has released images showing the Alaskan glacier Hubbard is expanding. The glacier has been moving into Disenchantment Bay for over 100 years now, instead of retreating like most glaciers. In addition to its expansion into the bay, it has also thickened in many locations. This means ice is actually forming and not melting on the glacier.

Credit: NASA

The above image shows the extent of the glacier's movement into the bay. The first yellow line is from 1978, while the second is from 2002. Now you can see the white is even further out into the bay and much further from the 1978 line.

This is not all good news though. Most glaciers are decreasing at rates never seen before and Glacier National Park in Montana could be glacier free by 2070.

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