Wilkins visits Tucson to educate about diabetes

Wilkins visits Tucson to educate about diabetes

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins visited the Old Pueblo today in the name of diabetes education.

Wilkins, a type 2 diabetic who lost both his father and his grandfather to the disease, was eager to spread the message of healthy living to roughly 140 youngsters at the Holmes Tuttle Boys and Girls Club on 36th Street.

"Diabetes is a serious problem in this country," Wilkins told Sports Director Damien Alameda. "It's become an epidemic now."

Wilkins spoke on behalf of diabetes research group Novo Nordisk and Arizona Connected Care.

"It's been a great program that they've put together to get these kids physically moving and, more importantly, educate them."

Wilkins, who is also the Atlanta Hawks VP of Basketball Operations, only makes about four of these stops during the course of the year.

"I've done Phoenix many times. So to come to smaller towns like Tucson, it's always good to talk to the home town people and get people to understand that you have to take control of your life."

Of course, this being the day after the Warriors won the NBA title, basketball was also discussed. When asked about Steve Kerr's coaching performance, Wilkins had this evaluation.

"It's getting a bunch of guys to buy into your system," said Wilkins. "Those guys bought into the system very early on in the season. Golden State was the better team."

Wildcat nation would concur.