People along Rillito bike path more aware after recent reports of harassment

. - The Rillito bike path is a popular exercise location and although you won't see too many people out midday due to the heat, in the morning, this place is very popular.

"I usually come here when there is a lot of people out here on the weekend and its nice because there is a lot of regular people, people bring their dogs and it's a nice thing," said Christina Ramirez.

Ramirez, like many others out here, is a regular at the Rillito bike path but just days ago authorities received a report a woman was harassed while on the loop.  This report prompted more law enforcement presence.

"This trip I have seen less people that I'm suspicious with then in the past," said Fred Buck.

Fred and Mary Buck no longer live in Tucson but visit frequency and they make sure they make a stop at Rillito Park to get some exercise.

"We are out at five in the morning usually and we haven't had a problem or seen anything that has made me uneasy," said Fred Buck.

But when asked if they saw extra law enforcement out on the loop, most people said they have not.

Many people say even though they did not know about these reports of harassment and haven't seen an increase in law enforcement, they feel safe.

"I haven't noticed it I feel safe here but it is a good awareness," said Laurie Lefebvre.

Police encourage everyone who exercises outdoors pay attention to their surroundings.

They suggest to use only one ear bud if listening to music, not exercising alone, and always telling someone where you're going

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