Starfish outsmart scientists

Starfish outsmart scientists

ODENSE, DENMARK (Tucson News Now) - Two Denmark biology students have made a remarkable discovery; starfish don't like to be tagged with microchips. 

In an effort to study starfish, the two students were tasked with inserting tiny tags (much like the microchip technology used in cats and dogs) so researchers could identify the sea creatures for future studies. 

To everyone's astonishment, the starfish have the amazing ability to squeeze foreign objects between their organs and back out of their bodies.

As the Huffington Post reported Frederik Ekholm Gaardsted Christensen and Trine Bottos Olsen inadvertently discovered this after successfully injecting microchips into a group of starfish and then finding the tags at the bottom of the tank days later.

You can read more about this new scientific discover by clicking here and you can watch video of the starfish in action

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