Pastor finishes several day stint being homeless

. - Just hours ago Central City Assembly Pastor David Ferrari finished his four-day journey as a homeless person. It was all to bring awareness and hopefully funding to a low demand homeless shelter he plans to open.Pastor Davide Ferrari met his Central City Assembly congregation Sunday morning tired, dehydrated and in need of shower.

"It was eye opening, overwhelming at times and the biggest thing I learned is it is really hard to get rest really really hard so I'm ready to crash right now," said Ferrari.

Ferrari spent the last three nights sleeping on the streets. He did this just two weeks after the city's contract with church's homeless shelter expired. Now he is working to raise funds to open the shelter again. He says his experience on the streets shows him that people need the shelter now more than ever.

"I can't imagine being out there for weeks and weeks and weeks and not having rest and having things to do and not having the motivation to do it I can relate to that now," he said.

And his congregation is standing firmly behind him.

"I have helped with the shelter before I think it is a good thing that gives these guys some rest when they just need it most," said Todd Wheeler, a member of Central City Assembly.

But it is not the congregations support his is worried about. The surrounding neighborhood has mixed feelings about the shelter opening again. Ferrari says he will be spending the next few weeks working to change the minds.

"As a pastor in the neighborhood if I don't have the neighbors support or at least tepid approval and address issues as I move forward in good faith I cannot move forward," said Ferrari.

The shelter needs a little more than $8,300 to be up and running each month. Ferrari says he has enough money to be open for a few months but again he needs the neighborhoods approval before opening these doors on July 26th.

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