Suns ramp up effort to sign Aldridge

Suns ramp up effort to sign Aldridge

Phoenix, AZ (KOLD) - The Suns sent forward Marcus Morris, forward Danny Granger, and guard Reggie Bullock to the Piston for a 2020 second round pick. The move freed up over 7 million dollars of cap space, making it easier for Phoenix to sign Portland forward LaMarcus Aldridge directly rather than have to commit to a sign and trade deal with the Trail Blazers.

Before the move, Phoenix had roughly 12 million dollars of cap space to work with. Now it has over 20 million.

Sending Morris to Detroit means that former Wildcat Stanley Johnson has some competition at the small forward spot.

But back to the Suns. The team met with Aldridge Wednesday after signing former Dallas Maverick Tyson Chandler. After he expressed more interest, the Suns acted quickly and aggressively to show they meant business. The Suns could still work a sign and trade deal with Dallas and send Markief Morris and P.J. Tucker to the Mavericks. That move would free up more money to sign both Chandler and Aldridge straight away.

Alridge may visit the Suns facilities before making a final decision.