Vintage McConnell

Vintage McConnell

Salt Lake City, UT (KOLD) - It was a rather quiet day for former Wildcat T.J. McConnell, playing in his second summer league game as the starting point guard for Philadelphia.

McConnell faced off against the Boston Celtics and finished with just 4 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists, But it was his one play late in the fourth quarter that made people sit up and take notice.

McConnell penetrated the lane from the top of the key, forcing the defense to collapse. Celtic guard Terry Rozier overplayed McConnell who spun around him towards the basket. As center Jordan Mickey came in for the block, McConnell blindly passed around the torso of the 6'8" big man to a waiting Jahlil Okafor who finished with the easy lay-up. It was a classic T.J. moment. 

The Sixers went on to win 76-62.

Watch the video above for a reminder of what T.J. used to do to opponents seemingly at will in McKale Center.