Gronk's party ship about to set sail

Gronk's party ship about to set sail

Miami, FL (KOLD) - Yup, this is actually a thing.

Former Wildcat Rob Gronkowski and his family want to invite you aboard their private party ship for a four day sea voyage to his own private island. You read that right. Take Gronk's party ship out of Miami. Sail down to Gronk's island. Relax in tropical bliss during the day. Gronk it up at night. In February. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course it'll cost you. Cheapest tickets are going $500. But it'll be worth it. Because after all...Gronk.

Need Gronk to give you the hard sell? Click the video above. Interested in the details? Here you go:

Enjoy. Just don't fall overboard. Good luck.