The DeAndre Debacle

The DeAndre Debacle

Houston, TX (KOLD - This is what the NBA free agent world has come to. Front office execs, coaches, and players literally and figuratively boxing out other execs, coaches, and players in an effort to land whomever they covet.

Guys like DeAndre Jordan.

Last week, the free agent center agreed to a four-year $80 million dollar deal with Dallas. Then he had second thoughts. Thought so much of it that he voiced concern to the head coach his former head coach, Doc Rivers. It was enough to get Rivers to round up the L.A. Clipper gang, ship off to Houston, and try to convince DeAndre that, yes, staying in Los Angeles made the most sense. Below is the twitter time line of Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski from tonight as the DeAndre drama unfolded.

The biggest debate in the twitterverse? Whether or not the Clippers let DeAndre Jordan win every hand in poker until shortly after midnight.

This is what it's become. The circus. The drama. The telenovela minus the actual "tele." Fascinating.

By the way, the Clippers reportedly came back with a five-year deal worth more than $110 million dollars, clearly outbidding the Mavericks. So what exactly was Dallas owner Mark Cuban doing during all this? Depends on which ESPN reporter you ask.

And speaking of Cuban...

But the biggest winner this evening? DeAndre Jordan's teammate Blake Griffin who may have tweeted this doozy from inside Jordan's compound.

Check and mate.