DeAndre apologizes

DeAndre apologizes

Houston, TX (KOLD) - A couple days ago, we posted a twitter time line of the drama surrounding DeAndre Jordan. You remember right? This would be when Jordan decided to flip on his commitment to the Dallas Mavericks by agreeing to re-sign with his L.A. Clippers. The time line captured the ridiculousness of Clipper players and coaches basically barricading themselves inside Jordan's Houston home to make sure he would not sign with Dallas.

Recall Blake Griffin's amusing tweet?

Well, now it appears Jordan is contrite over his decision. Not enough to go back to the Mavericks but enough, it seems, to tweet the following apology to the Dallas Mavericks.

Understanding, huh? Not sure about that one. Don't blame Mark Cuban if it takes some time to get over this little hiccup.

In related news, the Dallas Morning News had some fun at Jordan's expense.

Drop the mic, Dallas Morning News weather team. You're done.