Coral bleaching threat increasing in world's oceans

Coral bleaching threat increasing in world's oceans
Creditp: NOAA (coral bleaching)

El Nino is in full effect in the Pacific Ocean right now, meaning warmer than normal water temperatures are occurring. The vast Pacific is not the only salt water seeing much warmer than normal temperatures. What affect will this hot water have on the planet and the oceans?

NOAA scientists are expecting greater than normal bleaching of coral reefs in the northern hemisphere through October. Possibly leading to the death of the reefs and disruption of fish and other sea creatures. This is in thanks to much warmer than normal temperatures in most of the northern oceans.

Warmer than normal water temperatures put stress on reefs and can kill the entire reef system if the waters stay warm for an extended period of time. If the reef does die off, it can take decades for the reef to recover, if it even recovers. Dead reefs can cause damage to coastal areas as more erosion is possible.

coral bleaching infographic

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