Rondae and his popcorn

Rondae and his popcorn

Las Vegas, NV (KOLD) - Well this is awkward. The Brooklyn Nets tweeted out a picture of former Wildcat Rondae Hollis-Jefferson hauling a huge bag of popcorn. And by huge I mean, consider this. Rondae is 6'7". That bag has to be at least 6'0" high. It's so big Rondae can't even get his arms around it. And his wingspan measured 7'2" at the NBA Draft combine.

As SB Nation pointed out, the reason why Rondae may look so sad is because he knows, as a rookie, exactly where a good chunk of this popcorn is likely going to end up.

Example 1. Rudy Gobert :

Example 2. MarShon Brooks:

It appears that popcorn has but one purpose in the NBA. If I were Rondae, start munching now so by the time that bag reaches Brooklyn, clean-up time may be substantially smaller.