AARP lays into Tiger

AARP lays into Tiger

Scotland, (KOLD) - As seen in the video above, Tiger Woods is not off to the best of starts at the 2015 British Open. After one round, Woods is tied in 139th place after shooting a 76 and finishing 4 over.

To add insult to injury, the AARP aka American Association of Retirement People, kicked Tiger when he was down with a well timed twitter dig seen here:

Oooo. Burrrrned. Now for perspective.

A couple days ago, Tiger sat in a press conference at St. Andrews and addressed the thought of retirement:

"Retirement? I don't have an AARP card yet so I'm a ways from that." Tiger went on to say,"I'm still young. I'm not 40 yet. I know some of you guys think I'm buried and done but I'm still right here in front of you."

Now I wouldn't classify that as necessarily throwing shade (as the young folks say) towards the AARP. But credit the organization for jumping on the opportunity when it presented itself...even if you don't agree with the message.