Pluto facts at a glance

Pluto facts at a glance

We have learned a lot about Pluto and its moons since the recent visit of the New Horizons spacecraft to the dwarf planet.  Chris Jones at has created an infographic that helps break down the details of Pluto.

Here are some details that Jones included from the mission:

Size: The New Horizons mission has verified that Pluto is the largest dwarf planet with a diameter of around 1500 miles.

Composition: Pluto has a rocky core surrounded by a layer of water ice.  The surface layer is comprised of nitrogen and methane ices.

Distance from Sun: For comparison purposes, the Earth is approximately 93 million miles from the sun, which is known as one astronomical unit.  During the closest part of its orbit, Pluto is about 30 astronomical units from the sun, while the farthest part of its orbit puts it at approximately 50 astronomical units.

Moons: Pluto has five moons.  From largest to smallest, they are Charon, with a diameter of around 750 miles, Hydra, with a diameter of around 28 miles, Nix, with a diameter of around 22 miles, Kerberos and Styx.

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