Hello from the ancient land of the Anasazi and Apache

Hello from the ancient land of the Anasazi and Apache

Yes, Greenlee County has a long history, but take a quick glance at the headlines scattered throughout the August Clarion and immediately note new history is being made today.

And yes, there is reason for optimism. Over the next few months the skyline will change somewhat in Clifton while York Valley ponder a new chapter of expansion.

The Greenlee Tourism Council is making new plans for 2016 as is the leadership of the county-wide Chamber of Commerce. Boasting over 50 members the Chamber successfully meets once a month at a Mixer that attracts members and guests from a wide geographic range.

Starting from our breathtaking sunrises to the dark skies of night, Greenlee County offers more trails, rivers, mountains and outdoor recreation than most of Arizona.

Please follow the Clarion on Facebook, keep up with opportunities at www.growinggreenlee.org, and as always your feedback, questions and input is welcome.

Happy trails hope to see you Greenlee soon.