Diocese of Tucson Fast Facts

Diocese of Tucson Fast Facts
(Source: Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson)
(Source: Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson)

TUCSON, AZ - The Diocese of Tucson is comprised of nine counties with an area of 42,707 square miles. A map of the Diocese can be viewed HERE.

Geographically, the diocese is the fifth-largest in the continental United States.

In a total population of 1.45 million, there are an estimated 300,000-plus Roman Catholics who are served by 78 parishes, dozens of missions, 25 Catholic schools, six member agencies of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Tucson, the Catholic Tuition Support Organization, Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries and hundreds of charitable and fraternal organizations.

Shield of the Diocese of Tucson

The shield of the Diocese of Tucson, which can be seen HERE, contains four meaningful symbols.

They are:

1. The cross symbolizes the early missionaries in Arizona.

2. The black tri-mount symbolizes the Native American origin of the word "Tucson."

3. The stag is from the Territorial Seal of Arizona. When the Diocese was established in 1897, Arizona was still a territory of the United States.

4. The miter is the traditional headdress of a bishop. Its use on the shield indicates the Diocese is under the authority of the Bishop of Tucson.