Employers react to Sun Tran worker strike; how is it affecting businesses?

Employers react to Sun Tran worker strike; how is it affecting businesses?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Sun Tran worker strike is still underway with no end in sight. With no bus service this weekend, many bus riders are having trouble getting to work, but how are employers dealing with the change and is it affecting their business?

"We just had a restaurant and the majority of our people rode the bus and when the bus wasn't running, it was horrible," said Annette Hartman, who owns a catering business and said a past Sun Tran worker strike hit her pretty hard. "They couldn't come to work, it just jeopardizes your business."

Other businesses said the main issue is scheduling and making sure there are enough people on staff for busy work days. Co-owner of Prep & Pastry, located at 3073 N Campbell Avenue, Will Meinke said it hasn't gotten to the point where anyone has lost their jobs, but says they're keeping a close tab on employees who rely on the bus.

"It's nothing that we're not willing to work around," said Meinke, who said about 25% of employees rely on the bus to get to work. "It has affected certain employees. They may not be able to get as much sleep as they could or they might be a little bit more fatigued."

Prep & Pastry employee Michael Phillips said since the strike, he's been having to walk an hour to get to work on time. Though owners say it hasn't gotten to the point where employees have lost their jobs, Phillips said, you never know.

"It's been really hard to time because I'm traveling a great distance and really hard just timing walking all the way down here considering I'm going to have to put in the estimation of how many different lights I got to hit," said Phillips.

Sun Tran buses haven't ran since Friday. Service will be limited when the workweek begins Monday, Aug. 10.

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