Weekend heat warning keeps many Tucsonans at home

Weekend heat warning keeps many Tucsonans at home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The National Weather Service is calling for 'very hot daytime temperatures' this weekend with an excessive heat warning to remain in effect from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Sunday.

Many Tucsonans who were out Saturday afternoon say they were only out for necessary errands. Public pools such as Archer Swimming Pool on S La Cholla Blvd. saw very few people swimming.

"It's a Saturday afternoon," said Niccole Radhe, who was swimming with family at Archer Swimming Pool. "I figured this place would be packed but it looks like we have the pool to ourselves."

According to the National Weather Service, some of the impacts of this weekend's heat warning can cause heat related illnesses, including death, more easily than an average summer day and those working or playing outdoors are most vulnerable.

"For a little one, you always want to make sure they're hydrated," said Ian Peterson, who took his son swimming at Ft. Lowell Park. "That's very key out here. They can easily dehydrate without you noticing."

The affected areas are South-central Pinal County and most of Pima County, including the Tucson metro area. The NWS said temperatures may range from 108 to 114 degrees west and northwest of Tucson, and 107 to 112 degrees in the Tucson metro area.

For some, it's all a part of being a native Tucsonan and some said those who aren't familiar with how to handle the heat should get acquainted with safety precautions fast.

"It makes me sad because I know a lot of people that aren't from here don't take proper precautions when they go hiking or go out ," said Radhe. "They're not aware that they're even as hot because they don't sweat as much. So, that concerns me."

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