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Kelly's Kritiques: #10 Utah

DK can't help it. He was born into this football thing. DK can't help it. He was born into this football thing.
The Wildcats sacked Utah quarterback Travis Wilson four times in a 37-30 double overtime upset of the 10th ranked Utes. The Wildcats sacked Utah quarterback Travis Wilson four times in a 37-30 double overtime upset of the 10th ranked Utes.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

My thoughts and ramblings from the 11th game of the Arizona Wildcats football season. Due to time constraints of the week, this is an abbreviated version.

#10 Utah

•    Anu Solomon opens with a nice back shoulder throw to David Richards for 23 yards.
•    But a drop by Richards kills the drive and the Wildcats settle for three.
•    Casey Skowron sneaks in the 47-yarder.
•    Tellas Jones coming quick off the edge gets UA’s first sack of the night.
•    Nick Wilson returns to the lineup with punishing runs.
•    Solomon running again tonight.
•    Solomon with plenty of time in pocket to find Samajie Grant for seven-yard touchdown.
•    Tellas shoots gap to snuff out Devontae Booker.
•    Utah with a methodical 6:30 minute drive that will wear you out later in the game.
•    This time Solomon takes advantage of the one-on-one Cayleb Jones match-up and throws to him for the score. Why didn’t he do that against USC?
•    Tellas making plays in coverage too?!?
•    Jarvis McCall has a knack for closing after he appears beat, makes the tip to Jamar Allah for the interception.
•    Trey Griffey called for a personal foul. I disagree.
•    Tyrell Johnson drops a pass.
•    Another bad pass to the flat by Solomon. What is it with those throws?
•    Jeff Worthy is hurt.
•    Another six minute drive for the Utes. Utah controlling the clock.
•    Oh boy. Cayman Bundage air mails a snap and again Wildcats have to settle for three. Rich Rod NOT happy.
•    Bad angle by Allah and Britain Covey runs right by him for 46 yards.
•    Two tough plays for Davonte Neal, a pass interference and a touchdown.
•    Skowron is not a kicker. He's a football player. Another kickoff tackle.
•    Tellas takes a bad angle and Harris Handley is gone for a 59-yard score.
•    Solomon showing he's not afraid to run if he has to. I guess I'll be afraid for him.
•    Solomon great eyes to read and see the quick slant chance to Nate Phillips.
•    Drive ends on a bad throw by Solomon that is picked off in the end zone.
•    Reggie Gilbert blows up Booker and the Utes drive.
•    Cayleb showing his run after catch abilities.
•    Solomon again reads the quick slant and fires a bullet to Johnny Jackson. Anu couldn’t make that play two weeks ago.
•    Solomon scores on a designed run.
•    Tellas again sets the edge and Paul Magliore reaps the reward.
•    Solomon misses a wide open Richards.
•    On his 10th run, Solomon gets knocked out of the game. Targeting or no targeting he’s out of the game because he’s running too much.
•    Another senior makes a play, as Worthy battles back from the early injury to force a fumble.
•    Nobody blocks Utes linebacker Marcus Wiliams on a five-yard Jerrard Randall loss.
•    Now Jake Matthews is hurt and this one looks bad. Another middle linebacker gone.
•    McCall beat on another slant, but receiver drops the ball. Why you are you celebrating that? If he catches it it’s a first down.
•    Lene Maiva and Josh Kern with nice second level blocks to spring Jared Baker for 19 yards.
•    Drew Riggleman has stuck two 4th quarter punts inside the 10 yard line. Huge in terms of field position.
•    Gilbert sheds block again to stop Booker.
•    Tellas off the edge again forces Wilson to run out of bounds for the sack. What a game he’s having.
•    The Wildcats clearly took no chances on that possession with Randall. 
•    Skowron makes a clutch kick to force double overtime.
•    What a throw by Randall. Saw the safety come down in the box and read Cover 0 perfectly throwing the ball to Phillips on the seam. Great catch by Nate. Another play two weeks ago that Solomon wasn’t seeing.
•    Great job by Magliore to read the pitch and cut off the edge on Booker.
•    Utes uses Cats edge speed against them and Wilson leaks out for 12 on 4th and eight.
•    Sir Thomas Jackson and Sani Fuimaono with huge defensive sack. Sir T. on delayed blitz and Sani beats injured center Siaosi Aiono.
•    Wildcats cover up 4th down to clinch the upset.

FINAL: Arizona 37, #10 Utah 30 (2OT)

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