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Italy is building the world's 1st vertical forest

Credit: Carlo Alberto Mari Credit: Carlo Alberto Mari

Milan, Italy is developing the world's first vertical forest.

In a day and age where creativity usually wins, this one takes the cake.

Sustainability has been a big push in today's world as humans have used up so much of Earth's resources. Now, we have a way to combat deforestation.

These vertical forests have been designed by Stefan Boeri Architects. Take a look at them below:

Credit: Carlo Alberto Mari

This creative development will be built on abandoned farms outside Milan.

These buildings will have a green facade with a dense forest surrounding all floors of the building. There are already two buildings under construction.

The green floor plan will help absorb more CO2, help oxygenate the air, moderate temperatures in the city and possibly lower noise pollution. The building idea is not only appealing to look at, but also could help lower living costs.

Credit: Carlo Alberto Mari

On each floor, there will be plenty of shrubs and trees to provide shade in the summer.

The winter months will allow more sunlight as the leaves fall off the trees. It is estimated that 900 trees will be planted between these two buildings.

Credit: Carlo Alberto Mari

A grey-water filtration system will make sure the plants will receive the water needed to sustain them and solar power will help provide power to the building.

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