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Growing food on Mars isn't so far-fetched, according to UA scientists

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

What if we could grow food on the moon? Or Mars for that matter? In the recent major motion picture, The Martian, a left-behind astronaut stuck on Mars figures out how to farm food on the Red Planet. According to the University of Arizona, this idea is not so far-fetched.

From 3 to 7 PM on Saturday, October 10, Biosphere 2 is hosting a "What if?" event that explores how scientists can grow food on another planet by experimenting with farming right here on Earth. This is done through 'lunar greenhouses', one of which is located at Biosphere 2. The other is at the UA's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences near Campbell Avenue and Roger Road in Midtown Tucson. 

The facilities use hydroponics, which is the "recirculation of plant fertilizer and water to grow plants in the absence of soil", according to UA News. Computers are programmed to provide the greenhouses with the optimal temperature, humidity, water, light, and nutrients needed for high crop yields. 

For the "What if" event, standard admission prices to Biosphere 2 are charged for adults. With each paid adult admission, two children 12 and under can attend the event for free. A local Oracle restaurant will sell pizza and other food. Plus parts of the Biosphere 2 original human habitat, normally closed to the public, will be open for viewing. 

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