Hurricane Patricia: Strongest Hurricane Recorded

Hurricane Patricia: Strongest Hurricane Recorded
Hurricane Patricia

At its highest intensity, Hurricane Patricia had sustained winds of 200mph and the lowest air pressure ever recorded in a tropical cyclone, 879 millibars.  That makes it the strongest hurricane on record.

Keep in mind this does not include typhoons, which are what 'hurricanes' are referred to as in the Western Pacific.

Patricia's strength is similar to Typhoon Haiyan, which had 195mph sustained winds when it slammed into the Philippines in 2013, killing more than 6,000 people, according to CNN.

Typhoon Tip in the Northwest Pacific had 190mph winds with a central area of low pressure measuring 870 millibars (lowest pressure on record for any tropical cyclone), in 1979.

So here is how Patricia compares to other hurricanes in the western hemisphere:

Patricia will continue to weaken as it dumps heavy rain and moves over the high terrain of the Sierra Madres in central Mexico.

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