ADOT restores historic adobe building in Tombstone

ADOT restores historic adobe building in Tombstone

TOMBSTONE, AZ (Tucson News Now) - ADOT projects do not typically include architectural work, but as ADOT Historic Preservation Specialist Sara Ferland explains, in a recent release Schieffelin Hall on State Route 80 is unique.

"For federally funded projects, we have to identify historic properties within or adjacent to the right of way that might be impacted by the project. For restoration and rehabilitation you have to use matching historical materials whenever possible," Ferland said.

The restoration work is just a part of a $1.1 million improvement project. Crews have also been replacing the sidewalk in a three-block area in front of Schieffelin Hall, and along both sides of SR 80/Fremont Street. To make the street more pedestrian friendly, ADOT is also narrowing the width of the street and add lighting within the project area.

Learn more about adobe restoration from this new ADOT blog and video.

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