Richter Trial: Neighbors reflect on day girls escaped

Richter Trial: Neighbors reflect on day girls escaped

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the trial of a Tucson couple accused of abusing and holding three young girls captive in their midtown home for years continues, neighbors of that midtown home are reflecting on the shocking day two of the girls managed to escape.

"Never in my wildest imagination [would I] have anticipated that this is possible," said neighbor Phillip Cash Cash.

Cash Cash said he's lived in his home near East Glenn Street and North Stone Avenue for almost 10 years now.

He witnessed the arrest of Sophia and Fernando Richter, who are accused of holding Sophia's three daughters captive inside their home in filthy conditions, and claims he is the neighbor two of the three girls ran to for help.

"Tragic something like this could happen right next door to you," Cash Cash said. "These young girls took the courage to act in that trying moment and that courage really is moving them forward today."

Cash Cash said since then, he and his neighbors have become more aware of those living around them and said they are simply wishing peace for those involved in Richter trial.

"From that day forward, you want to be able to be ready when the time comes for any of those kind of events," Cash Cash said.

Since the arrest of Sophia and Fernando Richter in November 2013, the home has been vacant until a few months ago when Flavio Borbon of Bisbee, AZ purchased the home.

It was Cash Cash who made him aware of the Richter case.

"He told me about what happened and I felt bad, kind of scared at that point," Borbon said.

Several neighbors said they simply want it all to end and hope a final verdict will help everyone involved move forward.

"I hope just find peace within themselves," Bourbon said. "And ultimately forgive but, that is pretty unforgivable to put someone through."

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