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Real or fake? How to tell if an item is authentic or not

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Go to your closet and grab your favorite designer purse. Get a magnifying glass and look closely- is it the real deal or a knockoff?

Nowadays, it can be hard to tell. Fake designers are taking a page right out of the authentic designers book, duplicating a purse, piece of jewelry, or a pair of shoes making it look just like the real thing.

But, sometimes there are clues that you can look out for on your merchandise that will let you know if you've been "duped by a dupe." 

Christian Tefel is a on staff with Clothes Mentor, a company who pays cash for designer labels. He's trained to weed out the fakes. 

"Any item that retails for at least $100 brand new in a store is likely to be knocked off. The number one thing we get in here that's not authentic are handbags," says Tefel.

Coach is their best seller. Here's how Tefel says you spot a knockoff: "If you drew a line right down the middle of the bag, you're going to see a mirror image of all their c's."

For asymmetrical bags, look for consistent, parallel stitching, and the gold toned logo on your Coach bag, should be detailed.

Now to a popular handbag you see on the shoulders of many; Louis Vuitton. This designer has created hundreds of bags, including the "speedy". The most requested are the 25s, 30s and 35s, that's the length of the bottom of the bag from piping to piping. The real one measures 30. The fake? Tefel says it measures 31 centimeters across. Also, a real LV zipper will open smoothly-and it's a good idea to open it up and examine the inside. 

The interior stripes should line up consistently. under this flap is the six digit date stamp that begins with two letters. The fake only has one letter. Plus it's stitched in the wrong place.

Got a Kate Spade? Break out a straight edge to spot the fine details of this one. The "t" will line up with the "n" and the "a" will line up with the "K" in New York," according to Tefel.

If you finally got that "little blue box" from a jewelry designer almost everybody hopes to get one day, watch out. Two things stand out with a Tiffany box..the knockoff has a greenish tinge and the lettering is not centered. on the piece itself, the lettering is too close to the edge.

"The words run together. It doesn't say please return. It says "pleasereturn" says Tefel. 

The cold weather might have you breaking out your North Face jacket-one way to save face of thinking you're sporting a real one and you're not?

Tefel offers this sure tell sign: "The thread jumps from the "h" to the "e", the "f" to the "a" there, that is a sure tell tale sign that this was made by a machine."

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