Black Friday alternatives having an impact

Black Friday alternatives having an impact

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Black Friday may be losing some of its shine.

That doesn't mean fewer people are shopping but it's becoming apparent fewer are doing it on Black Friday.

The increase in internet use is one reason. More people are shopping online than ever before.

The National Retail Federation said about 57 percent of the shoppers, 135 million will shop online.

The NRF said 55 percent of the shoppers will go to the brick and mortar outlets but more will combine the two.

While Black Friday will remain an important day for retailers, it no longer signifies the day when customers flock to the stores in ever increasing numbers.

Many outlets open on Thanksgiving Day, spreading out the hours and days to make it more convenient for shoppers and eliminate the need to stand in line for hours leading up to Black Friday.

Black Friday may no longer the be all, end all, it remains a critical time for the bottom line for many stores.

There are other movements afoot as well.

Alternatives to shopping on Black Friday is a movement is gaining momentum. Buy Nothing Project gets a lot of attention during the holidays even though it is a year-round program. Hashtags like #notonedime or #optoutside are also taking a bite out of the shopping experience.

"It's a trend that we see in terms of consumers saying I"ve kind of reached my limit," said Anita, Bhappu, PhD, Associate Professor of Retailing and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona. "I want to reclaim my private space, my family space and my time."

Cookie Gallegos and his granddaughter decided to try their luck at fishing at Silverbell Lake rather than look for bargains.

"I like to relax, enjoy the day," he said. "Instead of the stress of shopping and all that stuff."

Saguaro National Park is said to be attracting larger than normal crowds as people opt for a hike rather than the stores.

But for some, like Ashley Malaga, the day is too much to resist.

"I like shopping every day but Black Friday is better," she said.

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