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Survey says, UA should win in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (Tucson News Now) -

For the second time in as many visits, the Arizona Wildcats proved they can win on Family Feud.

The annual Gildan New Mexico Bowl features a combined team dinner on the Thursday night before the game.

At that team dinner the two teams square off in a game called Survey says. Survey says is an off-shoot of the famed television game show Family Feud that legendary host Richard Dawson made famous in the late 1970s thru mid 1980s.

The show continues to this day with host Steve Harvey.

UA dominated Nevada in the Survey Says game three years ago when the Wildcats last visited Albuquerque for the New Mexico Bowl.

The Wildcats did the same to the Lobos as Arizona’s offensive and defensive units and their coaching staff bested their New Mexico counterparts in the trivia contest.

The Lobos defense managed to win a final bonus round to save face on the night.

Tradition holds that the team who wins Survey Says also wins the New Mexico Bowl game. 

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