Tuesday's Tail: Baloo

Tuesday's Tail: Baloo

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Today's fabulous Tuesday's Tail is Baloo.

This sweet guy was abandoned at an empty home with serious medical issues, he had an abscess on his face and had an untreated thyroid condition.

The amazing medical staff at Pima Animal Care Center have treated these injuries and he is now taking medications for the thyroid problem. Right now Baloo is currently being fostered by one of PACC's veterinary technicians and she has said that Baloo is housebroken and does not need to be crated or left outside while she is away.

Baloo enjoys a good walk, but otherwise just loves hanging out in his bed playing with his toys. He is described as a 'couch potato' and is submissive with people and other dogs.

Whoever gets this great pup should know that Baloo will require routine bloodwork and medication for life to treat his medical condition however, thyroid problems are relatively inexpensive. The medication is typically under $10 a month.

Why not head by PACC at 4000 N. Silverbell Road to see if maybe Baloo belongs on your couch. On a happy note, last week's Tail Jewels and Blaze an earlier Tail have been adopted!  Lets see if we can find the perfect home for Baloo.

Baloo is looking good today thanks to Wags My Tail.  To see other successful adoptions, thanks to an appearance on Tuesday's Tail click here.  For more photos of today's Tail check out the Ted Hewitt Photography Facebook page.

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