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Rams land in Tucson first

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FORT COLLINS — The matchup wasn't one the Mountain West wanted.

The pairings for bowl games weren't announced until Sunday, but the wheels were already spinning by last Tuesday. As the days peeled off the calender, it was becoming more and more apparent to the Mountain West it was looking at a game between two conference members in the Arizona Bowl.

Some of it was beyond the league's control.

With not enough bowl-eligible teams available to fill the 80 required spots, the NCAA ruled that 5-7 teams would be eligible, but they would be ranked based off their academic progress rates. When Missouri took its team out of the equation, San Jose State moved into position to fill one of the three spots.

What the NCAA has limited control over is the multimillion-dollar bowl system, with game organizers allowed to pick and choose — and trade, if they want — openings. The group could not tell bowls how to pick, just the pool they could choose from. When meetings took place to discuss which teams could fill open spots, there was a vote taken on priority. Mountain West deputy commissioner Bret Gilliland voted for the proposal to place 6-6 teams, such as Nevada, first. It was voted down.

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