Volunteers searching to surprise homeless woman in Tucson

Volunteers searching to surprise homeless woman in Tucson

. - The search for a homeless woman named Susan continues. Volunteers said they aren't worried about her safety, instead they want to give a little something back to her.
This all started just days ago when an anonymous donor gave Tucson Police Department $600 and various gift cards to distribute to people throughout downtown, and the Tucson Police Officers' Association documented the good deeds.

Pictures of the recipients were shared on social media and people in the comments section claimed to recognize a woman named Susan.
She reportedly worked as in EMT years ago but has been homeless for the last 4 years.

A former coworker of Susan's set up a GoFundMe page to raise money and awareness about what happened to someone who used to serve the Tucson community. The page passed its $3,000 goal in two days.

But the problem is, they can't seem to find her.

"I drove around every street in Tucson about 100 times been to every business and talked to every person I have seen on the streets I have handed out my phone number to at least 200 people," said Sharity Delaura.

Delaura said doesn't personally know Susan; but as a former law enforcement agent, she knows what it's like to serve the community.

Now, Delaura and others are checking motels, gas stations and parks in hopes of helping Susan get back on her feet. When they find Susan, they plan to give her just lots of surprises to say thanks for her work as an EMT.

Anyone who may know where she is can send a message on Facebook " Miracle for Susan."

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