Downtown Tucson shows no signs of slowing down in 2016

In all the hoopla about downtown Tucson's resurgence, there has always been a bit of concern about "when will it come to an end" or at least slowdown.

2016 does not appear to be the time.

The year begins with ground broken on a new 135 room urban Hotel Marriott, work on the new One West Broadway underway and plans to start work on 43 row houses on Stone Avenue.

The city and Peach Properties are working on design and a development plan for a $150 million project at The Ronstadt Transit Center. A financial package is also in the works.

The Arizona Hotel on 6th is being remodeled.

Don Bourn has submitted plans for his seven story development on Congress.

A new bar, Batch Donuts and Whiskey opened its doors in a space occupied by a wine bar which closed only hours earlier.  If and when one closes, others are waiting in the wings.

"Downtown is the biggest social scene right now," said Kade Mislinski, who has had hand in opening several downtown pubs and restaurants.

"I don't seen it slowing down."

There are other things in the talking stages.

There has been some discussion between Humberto Lopez and the city about economic incentives for La Placita Village and Hotel Arizona.

So far, the talks have not borne fruit but there is talk none the less.

Many people are holding their collective breath until Nor-Generations shows if it has the financials and plans for the arena parcel next to I-10 and Congress.

Many promises have been made there but just as many promises have been broken.

The Westside redevelopment has been slower that most hoped and predicted.

The 13 acre parcel west of Interstate 10 is still an empty field on false promises.

The city of Tucson has lost patience with the promises and lack of action.

There has been the Mercado project which is now flourishing the senior housing but other planned projects have never materialized.